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We are thrilled that leisure travel is now allowed. As the Elgin Valley remains a popular destination for both day and weekend visitors, Elgin Grabouw Tourism is concerned for everyone’s safety.

Following a spate of crime incidents in the Greater Cape Winelands, Elgin Grabouw Tourism would like to assure our visitors that we are taking proactive steps to keep both ourselves and our guests safe. Considering the current climate in South Africa and Elgin Grabouw being a rural area, we are not exempt from crime. Safety remains our utmost priority and everyone’s responsibility.

For some years, the community has contracted Agri Protection Services (APS), who provide armed response, regular farm patrols, and in some instances guarding services to their members. Cameras have also been installed at key points in the Valley. These professional services are also ably supported by our local Plaaswag, the Elgin Rural Safety Initiative (EGRSI) and our national police force.

A dedicated SAPS team has been brought in to review similar Wineland incidents and consolidate efforts. We can report there has been some progress. Residents have been reminded of sensible security precautions, and visitors are advised not to be lulled into a false sense of security in our beautiful Valley. Crime is not exclusive to cities, and visitors should take the same precautions they would had they been in their own homes. Be vigilant, close your curtains or blinds early and alert the response unit should you have any concerns. Do not open doors and attempt to attend to any disturbance yourself.

It is in good faith that we will see an end to this wave of crime to our Winelands, and we encourage you to go ahead with your travel plans. Our beautiful Elgin valley awaits you.

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Discovering Elgin Valley in South Africa

by Lerato Lefafa

The Wines of Elgin

Situated a mere 70 kilometres east of Cape Town and a short 45 min drive, this valley captures the essence of exquisite cool climate wines in each and every bottle of wine. The beautiful Elgin Valley, transversed by the N2, rewards wine lovers taking a meandering trip off the beaten track to experience true Elgin Magic. Click here for a list of Elgin producers.


Things to do in the valley

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