Moya Meaker

Paying tribute through Pinot Noir

Habibi farm in Elgin is home to a unique three-hectare vineyard of Pinot Noir, bottled under the label of Moya Meaker.

The wine honours former beauty queen Moya Meaker, mother of David's South African-born wife, Genevieve Curl, and the Moya Meaker Pinot Noir shows precisely why Elgin's terroir is ideally suited to this iconic Burgundian grape.

Set in a striking amphitheatre formed by the Hottentots-Holland, Groenland, and Kogelberg Mountains, the Moya Meaker vineyard – Dijon 667 and 777 heritage clones, planted at a higher density to encourage competition between the vines – is situated on an impressive ridge of ancient Bokkeveld shales. The south-facing slope, combined with the cool ocean winds sweeping in off the nearby Atlantic Ocean, leads to a sizeable diurnal shift between daytime and night-time temperatures. The result? Pinot Noir with bright acidity and higher concentration.

"This wine is all about perfume, purity of red and black fruit, vibrancy and texture," says winemaker Jean Smit. "On the palate, the wine exhibits an intense yet elegant concentration of red and black fruit, all with an underlying earthiness. There is a striking weight of fruit, length, and texture on this wine, with silky tannins coating the palate."

It's a Pinot Noir that effortlessly blends the classical elegance and refinement of the Old World with the New World's vibrant, youthful energy. Much like its namesake.


Elgin Valley
Western Cape, South Africa