Soul Food | Find your inner peace with food for the soul

Soul Food

Find your inner peace with food for the soul

Soul Food | Find your inner peace with food for the soul

Whether you are local or visiting South Africa from abroad, our food remains a big attraction. South Africans have this gift of hosting with flair and adding a pinch of theatre when presenting the simplest dish. Seasonal and locally grown produce folded together with passion and flair ensure that Elgin foodies will deliver dishes that are wholesome and simply delicious.

Here are four tasting adventures awaiting you.


Visiting the Elgin Railway Market is akin to stepping into the steampunk era. The market embodies the vision of film set designer and owner Roger Orpen who had the idea of transforming an old warehouse into an eclectic market. This architectural creation is beautiful to behold.  The flavours wafting through the market are enough to make you want to indulge for a whole day. You will find anything from burgers or ribs, pizzas or curry, sushi or Thai, gourmet sandwiches, home-made fudge, waffles, and of course great coffee and a selection of local wines, cider and artisan gin.


“Country livin’ teaches slow-cookin” they say at The Hickory Shack. Served in the tradition of Texas-styled barbeque, they have created a smokehouse where woodfires and blue smoke set the perfect moment for the pit-masters craft. Feel like buttermilk mash, slaw, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and big, big brunches? This is the place to be.


Any sweet tooth visiting Elgin needs to discover Nakita Rossouw. Her love of high tea gave shape to her little shop of sweetness, Mon Ami Cakes, located at the Marsh Rose Mall, Grabouw, where the cakes are as delicious as they look. Her carrot cake is crammed with wholesome goodies, and her brownies ooze deliciousness. You are sure to leave her shop with seasonal sauces and local, artisanal products as well. Some of her goodies may also be found at the Peregrine Farmstall.


South Hill Vineyards offers a generous spread of breakfast options. Listed on their menu under the heading as Cool Beginnings, your options include healthy muesli and oats with all the trimmings or decadent French toast embellished with fruit, nuts and bacon, drizzled with maple syrup. Another great favourite is the Mushrooms on toast with parsley and garlic or the Eggs Royale consisting of two poached eggs on salmon trout fish cakes served with Hollandaise sauce, a topping  of rocket and toast on the side.

Their lunch time menu offers a selection of Country Platters and Tapas.