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Steam Train to Elgin Railway Market

Join us on a 160 km round-trip departing on Saturdays and Sundays at 07h45 from Cape Town. Our destination is the Art Deco “Elgin Railway Market,” an exceptional market experience.…

End of Harvest Party

Kick up your heels at the Elgin Railway Market on Saturday 29th May, 2021.  The are hosting a vibrant End of Harvest Party which will provide fun for all, with…

Where Magic is Distilled | Oude Molen Distillery

South Africans like to rant and rave about their lush Winelands, and the immense offering visitors can expect around every corner and at every cellar door. This is indeed true.…

Unmask Elgin: Get back on the trail with a profound experience

Unmask Elgin and get back on the trail with a profound experience. Waterfalls. Contemporary art. Gardens. Mountains. A historic homestead. Big, shadowy trees. Sculptures. Orchards. Rivers. Fauna and flora. Great…

Kathryn Rossiter visits the Elgin Winter Festival and Trail’s End Bike Hotel

Well-known travel and lifestyle blogger Kathryn Rossiter from Becoming You shares her experience of staying at Trail's End Bike Hotel during her visit to Grabouw and The Elgin Valley, as…

6 Under-the-Radar Wine Regions you should be drinking from now

Original post: NOVEMBER 14, 2016 by RACHEL SIGNER There’s never been a better time to drink outside of your comfort zone. If you’re starting to get into wine, the worst…